Sierra Nevada – A Great Place to Watch Meteors this August!

If you’re looking for a dark and (not stormy) clear night to watch the meteor showers this week, then head up to your favorite spot in the Sierra Nevada in early August.  The Sierra offers crystal clear night skies with virtually no light pollution to cloud your view of two meteor showers converging this week.  […]

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The best ways to reserve your campsite online.

Or at least improve your chances! As anyone who has ever tried it knows, reserving a campsite online at any of the popular campgrounds is about as tough as getting tickets to the Masters, Olympics or Super Bowl. This is especially true on popular weekends or during the summer. After countless attempts and years of […]

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Inyo County Campgrounds Opening Soon

Over 50% of the Inyo County campgrounds were opened before the Memorial Day holiday weekend and most campgrounds were full of campers over the Memorial Day weekend. The following campgrounds are scheduled to open June 6th: •    Coldwater Campground •    Lake Mary Campground •    Pine Glen Campground •    Pine City Campground •    Lake George Campground […]

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Yosemite National Park Plan Will Limit Visitors to Park

Yosemite National Park intends to limit the number of visitors to 18,710 and 21,000 visitors a day during peak times.  The park has plans to ease congestion by adding shuttle buses and improving traffic flow.  Once capacity is reached, the cars will be turned away and directed to other sections of the park. Also included […]

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First Aide for Fido on the Trail

Dogs can get hurt on the trail just like you. Injured paws are easy to spot, but many canine ailments are hard to diagnose because your dog can’t tell you what hurts.  Here’s how to treat 5 common problems. Paw Injuries Just like human feet, dog paws require conditioning to tackle longer hikes and rougher […]

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Training for a Sierra Nevada 14er

If climbing a 14,000-foot peak in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is on your bucket list, then you have 10 “peaks” to choose from.  The peaks range in difficulty from a Class 1 (easiest) to a Class 5 (most difficult), but all will require a good amount of physical conditioning, acclimatization and planning to improve […]

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Cirque Lake: A High Sierra Adventure For Just About Anyone

Flatlander hikers that secretly yearn for unspoiled and scenic high-alpine lakes and meadows filled with flowers, but miss them because getting to their habitat means climbing thousands of feet up Sierra trails, should consider Cirque lake in the southern Sierra. Cirque Lake sits in the southern part of the Cottonwood Lakes Basin at an elevation […]

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“Goodbye God! We’re going to Bodie.”

High in the desert hills, east of the Sierra, ghosts of the Old West still live in Bodie.  Dry wind blows the tattered curtains of houses and caskets remain waiting in the morgue on Main Street for the next victim of a shooting.  Bodie is today the best place in California to experience what life […]

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